Bio bread

"Tonus" bread is baked according to a special patented technology from the whole sprouted spelt, dinkel, rye grain. It contains no flour and yeast. The product contains all valuable nutrients that a revitalized grain has. At the same time, in terms of its appearance and taste, "Tonus" does not differ from ordinary bread, i.e. it has a tasty thin crust and crumb.

Almost all substances contained in the whole grain are preserved in bread in their natural form: fibers, glume, corcule, vitamins, amino acids, minerals, protein and other important components naturally inherent into a sprouted grain. Therefore, "Tonus" bread has such a high nutritional quality.

The content of fibers in bread is 22%, which is 20 times higher than in the traditional white bread due to the preservation of the glume and aleuronic layer of grain.

"Tonus" has the lowest glycemic index among the breads that is 35. This is an important indicator for diabetic nutrition.

"Tonus" bread was studied in hospitals for children and adults. It is proven that it helps patients with diabetes and obesity, heart and kidney diseases.
Clinical trials have shown the beneficial effect on the body of "Tonus" bread regular consumption:
  • it normalizes metabolism;
  • it clears the body of toxins, carcinogens and toxic substances;
  • it stabilizes and decreases sugar in blood in case of diabetes;
  • it excesses cholesterol from the blood;
  • it improves the intestine motor function;
  • it decreases weight with obesity;
  • it increases the hemoglobin content in the blood, improves the blood formation function.
"Tonus" bread is recommended by the Institute of Nutrition of Russian Academy of Medical Sciences and the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation for daily nutrition to all groups of the population, as well as for diabetic and medical, preschool and school nutrition.