"Tonus" bread from sprouted spelt

sprouted spelt grain, rye sourdough, fructose, salt, coriander.

Gross weight: 500 g
Nutritional / energy value: 215 kcal / 1099 kJ

Shelf life of packaged bakery products: 5 days from the date of manufacture
All products are certified GOST standard 33980-2016
About the product
Spelt contains 18 essential amino acids that supply tissue with energy and improve protein synthesis in the body. Sprouted spelt grain is a source of B vitamins. Spelt is also an excellent dietary product. You feel less hunger due to the long processing of carbohydrates when consuming it.

The bread regular consumption normalizes the blood pressure, significantly increases the immunity, effectively cleans the body and improved the intestinal motor function.
Premium quality
Good for your health
Natural taste
Grown under the southern sun