The crumbs contain all valuable nutrients that a revitalized grain has. They are baked according to a special patented technology from whole sprouted grain of spelt, dinkel, rye. The product contains no flour and yeast.

Crumbs will serve as an excellent energy snack or complement the first dish, replacing the usual bread.


Bio-Hutor is the only company in Russia that bakes the "Tonus" bread from sprouted organic grain. It is from it that we prepare crumbs, which, unlike bread, can be delivered to the most remote corners of the country.

We do not use chemicals, pesticides, GMOs on our fields. As a result, there are no growth stimulants, residues of agrochemicals, etc. in the grain. There are no chemical additives, rising agents, improvers, yeast.

Almost all substances contained in the whole grain are preserved in crumbs in their natural form: fibers, glume, corcule, vitamins, amino acids, minerals, protein and other important components naturally inherent into a sprouted grain.

The crumbs have the lowest glycemic index and are suitable for diabetic nutrition.

The content of fibers in the crumbs from sprouted grain is 22%. This is 20 times more than in traditional ones.

The crumbs from sprouted grain regular consumption contributes to the normalization of metabolism; clearance from slags, carcinogens and toxic substances; blood sugar decrease; removal of excess cholesterol; intestinal motor function improvement; weight loss; hemoglobin increase.